WSOP Online 2024: A Countdown of the Top 10 Bluffs

Countdown of the Top 10 Bluffs at WSOP Online 2024 – Poker's most thrilling moments revealed!

Top 10 Bluffs of the 2024 WSOP Online Tournament

Poker is a game of skill, strategy, and psychology, and one of the most exhilarating moments in a WSOP tournament is when a player executes a successful bluff. Bluffing is an art form in poker, and it requires a combination of timing, reading opponents, and the ability to convincingly represent a strong hand when you actually have a weak one. In this article, we will take a closer look at the top 10 bluffs from the 2024 WSOP Online tournament. These bluffs showcase the creativity, daring, and sheer brilliance of the players who executed them, leaving their opponents bewildered and their fans in awe.

  1. The “Triple Barrel” Bluff:

In a high-stakes No-Limit Hold’em event, Player A found themselves in a tough spot with a marginal hand. With a board showing 9s-7d-2c-6h-10c, Player A held 8c-5c, giving them a straight draw but no pair. Sensing weakness from their opponent, Player A decided to launch a daring triple barrel bluff. They bet aggressively on the flop, turn, and river, representing a strong hand. Their opponent, who held top pair, was convinced by the relentless aggression and ultimately folded their hand. This audacious bluff earned Player A a substantial pot and a spot on our list.

  1. The “Reverse Tell” Bluff:

In a Pot-Limit Omaha WSOP tournament, Player B found themselves with a mediocre hand but a strong read on their opponent, Player C. After carefully observing Player C’s betting patterns throughout the WSOP tournament, Player B noticed that whenever Player C had a weak hand, they would make small, hesitant bets. Armed with this information, Player B decided to exploit this “tell” by representing a strong hand with a series of confident, oversized bets. Player C fell into the trap, believing that Player B had a monster hand and ultimately folded, handing Player B a significant pot with a mere bluff.

  1. The “All-In Stone Face” Bluff:

In a crucial hand of the Main Event, Player D was dealt a weak hand but decided to make a move against Player E, who was known for his tight and cautious play. With a board showing 4h-7s-9c-3d-10s, Player D held 6s-8h, giving them a straight draw. Sensing an opportunity, Player D went all-in, displaying an unyielding stone face and creating an aura of confidence. Player E, who held a pair of kings, hesitated but ultimately folded, unable to decipher whether Player D’s strong demeanor was genuine or a bluff. This bold all-in stone face bluff propelled Player D to a substantial chip lead and a memorable moment in the WSOP tournament.

  1. The “Squeeze Play” Bluff:

In a high-stakes WSOP tournament, Player F found themselves in a late position with a marginal hand. Recognizing the tight table image of the players in early positions, Player F decided to execute a squeeze play. When the action folded to them, they made a substantial raise, representing a premium hand. The players in the early positions, fearing a strong hand, folded their cards, leaving Player F to scoop the pot without ever having to show their cards. This well-timed squeeze play bluff demonstrated Player F’s keen awareness of the table dynamics and their ability to exploit their opponents’ tendencies.

  1. The “Overbet” Bluff:

In a WSOP tournament featuring a mix of skilled professionals and amateur players, Player G found themselves in a heads-up situation against an amateur opponent, Player H. With a board showing Jc-9d-3h-8s-2c, Player G held Kd-Qh, giving them a missed straight draw. Sensing weakness from their opponent, Player G decided to make a bold move by overbetting the pot on the river. This overbet represented a significant portion of Player G’s stack, putting immense pressure on Player H. Unable to make the call with their weaker hand, Player H reluctantly folded, succumbing to the pressure of the overbet bluff. This audacious move demonstrated Player G’s willingness to take risks and exploit their opponent’s fear of losing a substantial portion of their stack.

  1. The “Float and Steal” Bluff:

In a tournament with a deep-stacked structure, Player I found themselves in a hand against Player J. After calling a bet on the flop with a weak hand and no strong draws, Player I decided to employ a float and steal strategy. They called another bet on the turn, representing a marginal hand that was hesitant to fold. However, on the river, when Player J checked, Player I seized the opportunity to make a substantial bet, representing a missed draw that was turning into a bluff. Player J, suspicious of the sudden aggression, ultimately folded, enabling Player I to steal the pot with a well-executed floatand steal bluff. This strategic play showcased Player I’s ability to navigate post-flop situations and exploit their opponent’s perceived weaknesses.

  1. The “Table Image” Bluff:

In a tournament with a mix of aggressive and tight players, Player K had built a tight and conservative table image throughout the event. Armed with this image, Player K decided to make a move against Player L, who had been observing their cautious play. With a mediocre hand, Player K made a substantial bet, representing a strong hand that was consistent with their tight image. Player L, believing that Player K was unlikely to bluff, folded their hand, unaware of the clever deception. This bluff demonstrated the power of table image and Player K’s ability to leverage their perceived playing style for a successful bluff.

  1. The “Check-Raise Bluff:

In a high-stakes cash WSOP game, Player M found themselves in a hand against Player N. With a board showing 10h-7d-2s, Player M held Ah-6c, giving them no pair and no strong draws. Sensing weakness from their opponent, Player M decided to check the flop, inducing a bet from Player N. On the turn, Player M executed a well-timed check-raise bluff, representing a strong hand that had improved with the turn card. Player N, believing that their top pair was vulnerable, folded their hand, unaware of Player M’s bluff. This check-raise bluff demonstrated Player M’s ability to manipulate the betting action and exploit their opponent’s perceived weaknesses.

  1. The “Image Breaker” Bluff:

In a tournament featuring a number of aggressive players, Player O had earned a reputation for playing tight and straightforward. Seizing the opportunity to break their image, Player O decided to execute a well-timed bluff against Player P, an aggressive opponent. With a board showing Qs-10h-6c-2d-4s, Player O held 7d-8s, giving them a busted straight draw. Player O made a substantial bet on the river, representing a strong hand that was inconsistent with their tight image. Player P, who held a pair of jacks, reluctantly folded, unable to reconcile Player O’s unexpected aggression with their perceived playing style. This bluff showcased Player O’s ability to adapt their strategy and exploit their opponent’s preconceived notions.

  1. The “Polarized Range” Bluff:

In a heads-up situation, Player Q found themselves with a weak hand but a strong read on their opponent, Player R. Recognizing that Player R tended to fold to large bets unless they held a premium hand, Player Q decided to employ a polarized range bluff. They made a substantial overbet on the river, representing either a strong hand or a complete airball bluff. Player R, unsure of Player Q’s range, ultimately folded, unable to risk their tournament life on a potential bluff. This well-executed polarized range bluff showcased Player Q’s ability to manipulate their opponent’s thought process and make them doubt the strength of their own hand.


Bluffing is an integral part of poker and can often be the difference between a successful tournament run and an early exit. The top 10 bluffs from the 2024 WSOP Online tournament highlighted the creativity, skill, and psychological acumen of the players who executed them. From well-timed triple barrel bluffs to expertly crafted image breakers, these bluffs showcased the artistry and strategic thinking that makes poker such a thrilling WSOP game to watch and play. As the WSOP game continues to evolve, we can expect more exhilarating bluffs to be executed by the world’s best players, adding to the rich tapestry of poker’s history.

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